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All Pro's products are used and recommended by Enhance Fitness Programs nationwide.

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The All Pro products listed below have been approved by the Center for Disease Control (CDC)
for nationwide Growing Stronger - Strength Training for Older Adults and Strong Women / RSVP Programs thru Tufts' University affiliates.

Program directors, therapists, physicians, wellness centers and hospitals can receive wholesale pricing
and shipping discounts if they identify themselves as such when the order is placed.
Our minimum order is 2 cartons. All items must be ordered in carton quantities.

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Note: Program participants can purchase All Pro products at sporting goods stores or online retailers


ankle weights


All Pro Weight-A-Bands ®:
B-107 (medium tension),
B-208 (heavy tension) and
B-410 (super max tension).
Our resistance bands with weighted handles give you a great workout

All Pro's Ankle Weights: (5-lb [#300] & 10-lb [#400] pairs, and 10-lb [M500M] & 20-lb [M20M] individual) are the top quality weight adjustable ankle weights on the market, designed for comfort & safety for fitness or rehab

All Pro's Chrome Dumbbells:
Style DB6 (6-lb pair), Style DB10 (10-lb pair) & Style DB20 (20-lb pair) have premium quality with cushioned handles

ankle weights

Power Vest

ankle weights

All Pro Ankle Weights are perfect for the Knee Curl exercise recommended as part of the Growing Stronger and/or StrongWomen Programs

All Pro's Power-Vest ® (20-lb & 40-lb) and Power-Stride ® Belt (10-lb) are weight adjustable & the ultimate in safety & comfort

All Pro Ankle Weights are perfect for the Knee Extension exercise recommended as part of the Growing Stronger and/orStrongWomen Programs.